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3 of the Best Fish to Catch at the St. George Island Fishing Pier

24 Mar 2017 02:13 PM

The St. George Island fishing pier is a great place to cast your line during your vacation to the Forgotten Coast. When you plan your next epic angler’s vacation, make sure to make this point a stop during your trip. Everyone from the novice to the expert fisher will love going after these three game fish during a day out on the pier.

Before you come to the Forgotten Coast for a day on the St. George Island fishing pier, head to our Things to Do page and take a look. It’s a great way to find out about fun events and unique attractions that St. George Island and the surrounding area have to offer. Full of the information you need, it includes fun outdoor activities, great restaurants, local attractions, shopping venues, and more! The next time you’re looking for something fun to do, go there first. It contains everything you need to plan an amazing vacation to beautiful St. George!

3 Game Fish to Reel In on the St. George Island Fishing Pier

Florida Pompano

These school fish are remarkably fast swimmers. Normally feeding on zoobenthos and small clams, you can catch them with light jigs and popping corks. Look for the compressed body and short snout. The colors of pompano range from silver with hints of blue-green on the dorsal areas to silver or yellow on the body and fins.

Black Drum

Black or gray in color, the black drum has powerful jaws. When you head to the St. George Island fishing pier, shrimp or squid work well to hook them. Sometimes, the older fish are drawn in using portions of blue crab. They can also be caught on spoons and jigs. 

Spanish Mackerel

Silver sides, a green back and a few rows of yellow spots are characteristic of the Spanish mackerel. These fish are carnivorous, and love live bait. Spanish mackerel move quickly, so you’ll need to be quicker to pull these in during your trip to the St. George Island fishing pier.

Enjoy Your Catch at St. George Island Restaurants

When you’ve pulled in your catch for the day, you’ll need a place to enjoy what you caught. Fortunately, many amazing St. George Island restaurants will cook your fresh catch when you bring it in from the pier. 

Come Relax at a Collins Vacation Home

After reeling in your catch on the St. George Island fishing pier and enjoying your fresh-caught meal, come back to your Collins Vacation Home to relax. We offer a variety of gorgeous rentals within a short drive from the pier, not to mention great local attractions, beaches, and more. You deserve an amazing place to get away during your vacation, and our rentals are beautiful, comfortable, and convenient. When you stay with us on St. George Island, you can rest easy knowing that we’ve taken care of all the details. Arrive, relax, and enjoy the island life! Contact us today, and we’ll be happy to help you start planning your next trip to St. George Island!

Ann Marie